I Whale Always Love You: I’m a Bride!

Nothing prepared me for the sheer joy I would feel on my wedding day.  I was on top of the world.  I felt like the luckiest girl in the world, with the best friends, the best family, the best (almost) husband, and the most beautiful dress I could ever imagine.

Our Wedding!!! 156

Because our wedding was a destination wedding, I couldn’t do any of the “specialty” photo shoots, like a Trash the Dress or a Rock the Frock.  But I really wanted to showcase my dress, so I carved out a little extra time on the wedding day for more bridal portraits.

Our Wedding!!! 132

I made a few photo requests during my last conversation with Brenda.  I tried not be be too specific with my requests.  (I didn’t ask to recreate any photos from Pinterest or anything.)  I requested three things: an epic veil shot (yes, I used those exact words), a shot with fabulous lighting (if the opportunity presented itself), and photos with bubbles (because my mom brought her bubble maker, and that’s awesome).

Our Wedding!!! 118

The epic veil shot turned out to be an epic win.

Our Wedding!!! 119

I am so in love with all of these photos.  I’m not actually sure which ones were the result of actual wind and which ones were the result of bridesmaid-induced wind.  Who cares.  If I don’t know, no one else will ever know.

Our Wedding!!! 122

Seeing as I’m not a photographer, I had no idea if Brenda got any shots with awesome lighting.

Our Wedding!!! 114

She did 🙂  I honestly have zero memory of these pictures taking place.  But… I guess they did.

Our Wedding!!! 112

As we headed up to the reception barn to get some photos with the bubbles, we snapped a few more shots.  The instructions for this next one were, “Twirl around a bit.”

Our Wedding!!! 189

After our wedding day, I am the master of the twirl.  It’s already a go-to move in my everyday life.  But whereas the twirl might not always be appropriate in regular life (I often bust out a spin move as I’m walking down the hallway to the restroom), it’s actually encouraged on your wedding day.  Yes!

After much twirling, we made our way to a gorgeous rose bush.  You can see it peeking out behind me.

Our Wedding!!! 193

And finally, the bubbles.  I had this vision that the bubbles photos would be so artsy and perfect, and I would just swoon over them.  Reality check.  Bubbles have a mind of their own!

Our Wedding!!! 207

I’m pretty sure they were aiming for my eyes and nose.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s concrete evidence.

Our Wedding!!! 206

Ha!  Okay, so my artsy fartsy dreams didn’t exactly turn out.  But, I still absolutely love these photos.  They’re so fun, and they completely capture exactly what happened on my wedding day, which was, in Mr. Whale’s words, “the most fun day ever.”

Our Wedding!!! 205

Did you have any photos that turned out completely different from how you expected?  Anyone else get attacked by bubbles?

*All photos by the amazingly talented Brenda Upton Photography.

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