I Whale Always Love You: A Special Moment

The nerves on my wedding day were… strange.  At the time, I honestly did not feel nervous.  BUT, I think the truth of the matter is that my adrenaline and excitement masked everything else.  I was probably more nervous than I’ve ever been.  But it just didn’t register as nerves.

How do I know I was nervous?  The first evidence was my lack of appetite.  I had to force myself to eat a bagel while I was getting ready with the girls.  While I normally love food, this bagel was not enjoyable.  At all.  Then before the ceremony, when my MOH’s mother had brought us all delicious snacks, the idea of eating anything sounded like a horrible idea.  I managed a few grapes.  At dinner, I ate a few bites but truthfully didn’t feel hungry the whole evening.  All I can figure is that I was too nervous to eat.

The next evidence came near the end of the photo-taking extravaganza.  Brenda was just suggesting that I go take some solo photos near the beautiful rose bush outside the reception barn.  Somehow, my dad had materialized by the house where all the girls were standing.  Brenda, ever the creative thinker, suggested my dad and I walk ahead and she would grab some pictures.

Our Wedding!!! 185

My dad and I had the following conversation:

Dad: “How are you feeling?”

Miss Blue Whale: “I feel great.”

Dad: “Are you nervous?”

Miss Blue Whale: “Nope.  It’s surprising, but I just really don’t feel nervous.”

Dad: “Are you sure?”

Miss Blue Whale: “Yep. I’m sure. Why?”

Dad: “You’re shaking.”

Okay, maybe I was nervous.  Looking back on the day, all evidence points to the fact that Miss Blue Whale was a bundle of nerves.  But like I said, I didn’t feel nervous… Suffice to say, the emotions on your wedding day will be all over the place.  They might even be so crazy that you literally don’t know what you’re feeling.

Luckily, my dad chose that moment we were together to be an awesome dad and exactly what I needed.  While I don’t remember the exactly words, it was something along the lines of, “You look beautiful.  I’m very proud of you.  You don’t need to be nervous.”

My dad is a man of few words.  He’s not very emotional.  But he always seems to know exactly what to do when the pressure is on.  He took my hand, and we walked the last few steps up the path hand in hand.

Our Wedding!!! 187

The moment was completely unexpected.  I hadn’t planned to spend those minutes with my dad.  But it was one of the best moments of the day.

*All photos by the amazingly talented Brenda Upton Photography.

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