I Whale Always Love You: Let’s Hear it For the Boys!

Once the ladies and I were finished with our photos, we squirreled me away in the bridal suite so the guys could get in on the photo action.

Our Wedding!!! 247

Like many guys, Mr. Whale really doesn’t like being in photos.  (He’s actually gotten way more accepting of photos in the last few months.  He told me it’s because actually taking more photos made him realize what looks good and what looks bad.  What a novel idea.  Mr. Whale realized that practice actually does make perfect.)

As much as Mr. Whale hates photos, he managed to select a group of groomsmen who hate them even more (with the exception of my brother, who is disgustingly photogenic).  It is a true miracle that Brenda managed to get even a single photo that isn’t horrifically awkward.  (I always want to tell the guys, “It’s no wonder you don’t like yourself in photos. You’re not even trying!” But, men will be men.  Can’t reason with them.)  In the space of only about twenty minutes, Brenda got some really good photos.

Our Wedding!!! 246

Mr. Whale told me the way the guys were finally able to slightly overcome their fear of photos was to pretend they were shooting old album covers for a band.  After all, Mr. Whale did look like he was the singer of a nineties ska band.

Our Wedding!!! 263

And several of the guys were rocking the chucks. (We didn’t require any of the guys to buy chucks, because we just felt bad making them make buy stuff.  They actually didn’t have to buy anything.  The ties were a gift.  The rest of the attire was a choice of gray or black pants and gray or black shirt.)

Our Wedding!!! 242

Fun fact: Mr. Whale has been in bands with ALL of his groomsmen (and ushers, who you’ll meet shortly), again with the exception of my brother.  BUT, my brother is also quite musically talented, so I’m sure if we all lived close, we’d form an awesome nineties cover band.

Our Wedding!!! 252

These guys could make an epic band.  Let me introduce you to them and tell you what instruments they play.  From left to right: Foo (drums), J (bass), B (guitar, vocals, bass), Z (guitar, vocals, bass), N (guitar, vocals), Mr. Whale (guitar, vocals, drums, bass… he’s pretty awesome), M (guitar, drums, vocals), A (bass), K (guitar, vocals), A (guitar, vocals).  That’s some serious talent, folks.

The guys also decided to get in on the swings action, just like the girls.  AND, Mr. Whale also wanted to stand in a swing. AND, he chose the same swing as me.  It’s a sign 🙂

Our Wedding!!! 275

The guys were such good sports about putting up with photos for Mr. Whale.  And if they ever do form a super epic band, I think we have the album cover.

Our Wedding!!! 270

I think I’ll call them Mr. Whale and the Whalers (get it??).

Who else had groomsmen who hate photos?

P.S. This is my 100th Weddingbee post!!!

*All photos by the super fabulous Brenda Upton Photography

I Whale Always Love You: A Special Moment :  wedding college park pictures pro pics recap Bluewhalenohearts.jpg

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