I Whale Always Love You: Our Wedding Video Sneak Peek!

Aaaaaahh!! I’m so excited to share our wedding video sneak peek with you!  Our sneak peek is a montage of all of the pre-ceremony footage. (So I won’t be spoiling any of the fun for the recaps to come.)

Funny story.  I was actually a little worried about how this was going to turn out, because I didn’t remember our videographer being present for a lot of this stuff.  I remembered seeing him when I got to the place, but then I seriously thought that he was just somewhere else most of the time.  So I thought he wasn’t going to have much footage.  It turns out he is just so good that I literally didn’t notice that he was there.  Wowsa.

Okay, so now that you’ve heard all about the pre-ceremony fun, you can get a look at some of the action!

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/70124263″>Erin & Matt’s Wedding Sneak Peek</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/hammondvideo”>Hammond Studios</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

I love this for so many reasons.  I love that my MOH is featured a few times, because she somehow ended up less featured in our photos.  I love that you get to see full laughs from a lot of us, instead of just catching someone awkward mid-laugh in a photo 🙂  I love seeing Mr. Whale before our wedding, since we chose not to have a first look.  I love that there are some great moments of my mom, because she was also less featured in our photos.  Who am I kidding? I love it all!

I cannot wait for the full video!!

Who else almost wet their pants with excitement when they received their sneak peek?? 🙂

*Check out Edwin Hammond on vimeo or at his website.  I HIGHLY recommend him!!

I Whale Always Love You: Let’s Hear it For the Boys! :  wedding college park pictures pro pics recap Bluewhalenohearts.jpg

If you missed any part of this whale of a tale, get caught up here. Previously…


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