I Whale Always Love You: The Missing iPod

Where I left off, the girls were chowing down on some snacks and telling inappropriate tales.  In short, we were having an awesome time.

Unfortunately, things were not going so well for the guys.  At around 5:45 (fifteen minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start), the coordinator popped into the bridal suite to inform me that, “You don’t need to worry, but Mr. Whale forgot to bring his iPod, which contains all of the ceremony music.” Womp womp.

What makes it all more frustrating is that I had copies of ALL of the wedding music on my iPod except the ceremony music!!  That was stupid. And in case you’re wondering, Mr. Whale made special mixes of my processional song so that it would be the perfect length for walking down the aisle.  There was no downloading a new version from the internet and making it work.

But in any case, I actually didn’t panic.  (Okay, I might have panicked for a moment.  But really, I thought I handled it quite well.)   Mr. Whale, on the other hand, has vivid memories of the stress and anxiety from this part of the wedding day.

Our Wedding!!! 291

Look at all those sad faces.

And apparently the situation could have been easily rectified, but of course, somehow they took the long difficult path to fixing the problem instead of the super easy one.

When the guys left their cabin at around 4:30 to head to Southern Tree Plantation, there were a few other people still hanging around who weren’t in the wedding party.  As Mr. Whale walked out the door, one of them called, “If you forget anything, just give us a call and we’ll bring it!”

Forgetting the iPod sounds exactly like something they had in mind.  But apparently no one remembered that moment when it was discovered that the iPod was missing.  Instead, the guys decided to send two of the ushers back to the cabin for it.  This meant that two of the three ushers were actually absent for the only time during the day when they had a job.  The other usher had to seat everyone.  (I find this whole part of the story amusing, because it’s just exactly the kind of weird decision Mr. Whale would make.  “Who should we send to get the iPod? Let’s send the only people that actually have anything to do right now!”)

Luckily, the ushers did manage to make it back with remarkable speed.  It was 5:55, and Mr. Whale really needed something to calm him after experiencing such intense panic over the iPod.  His plan had been to have the music before the ceremony calm him down from the nerves he expected to have about the ceremony.  But then, the lack of music before the ceremony intensified the anxiety and left little time for calming music.  So he made the executive call to listen to two of the five songs we had picked out and start the ceremony a few minutes late.  Good choice, Mr. Whale.  I care more about a calm groom than about starting on time.

Take a listen if you need a bit of calming.

First up, “This is Where” by The Wailin’ Jennys

Then “The Whaler” by Thrice.

For the lovers of music out there, the other three songs on our pre-ceremony music list were “God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys, “For Me This is Heaven” by Jimmy Eat World, and “Ten Mile Stilts” by The Wailin’ Jennys.

*All photos by the wonderful Brenda Upton Photography

I Whale Always Love You: The Girls Feast :  wedding college park pictures pro pics recap Bluewhalenohearts.jpg

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