I Whale Always Love You: Let’s Process

With the music situation taken care of, Arabesque No. 1 by Debussy began to play.

(If you’ve never watched this video, you must.  I introduced Mr. Whale to Debussy with it, and he was instantly hooked.)

Mr. Whale’s stepmom, then his mom, and then my mom were escorted to their seats.

Our Wedding!!! 299

That’s my mom! Doesn’t she look awesome!

Let me interrupt this happy moment briefly to say that my brother was supposed to walk my mom down the aisle.  I thought everyone knew.  My mom certainly knew (she tried to get his attention).  I’m almost positive the coordinator knew.  I’m a bit sketchy as to whether my brother actually knew.  BUT, that is not my brother in the photo!  I literally did not know that my brother didn’t walk my mom down the aisle until I got my pro photos.  As soon as I got to this picture, I burst into tears (the wedding emotions don’t really go away for a while).  I had agonized over whether I would have both of my parents or just my dad walk me down the aisle.  But I decided to chose my dad to walk me down the aisle, and I was consoled by the fact that I knew my mom would be with my brother.  But she wasn’t.  And I’m still upset by it. Le sigh. But what’s done is done.  End sad rant.

Back to the happy moments.  Once the moms were seated, the guys snuck in from the side and took their places.

Our Wedding!!! 301

While the guys were taking their places, the girls were lining up in the back.

Our Wedding!!! 297

They’re very excited. Can you tell? 🙂

Our coordinator was in charge of motioning for us all to come out.  It was very strange back behind the trees, because we really couldn’t hear the music.  All we could do was wait for Andrea to give us the sign that it was time to start.

Apparently, the music did start.  Take a listen if you’d like. It’s “Perth” by Bon Iver.

And Kim started our procession.

Our Wedding!!! 302

So glad this photo exists, because it shows what we all saw as we walked in.

Mr. Whale later informed me that from the moment Kim stepped out, his only thought was, “This is going to be so much fun.”

Our Wedding!!! 312

See how excited he is 🙂

After Kim came Katie and Rachael.

Our Wedding!!! 307

I love that our coordinator put a lot of space between the girls.  Nothing felt rushed, and it allowed more time for the song to play out.  (It also really amped up my nerves!)  Before I knew it, it was time for my MOH Leah to make her way down the aisle.

Our Wedding!!! 310

And then it was just my dad and me standing at the back.  He could tell I was still a bit nervous, so he tried to calm me down a bit.  I wish I could remember what he said to me, but it’s lost in the fuzzy memories of the day.  All I remember is that it was perfect.

Then Andrea gave the sign, we rounded the corner, and I finally heard the music.  I’m so happy I decided to stick with my instincts and walk to “Save Me” by Gotye.  Mr. Whale mixed the song so that we skipped most of the depressing lyrics and managed to cut the whole thing down to about a minute and a half.

Our Wedding!!! 313

I wish I could say that all the anxiety melted away as we rounded that corner, but truthfully, I was thinking, “He’s so far away!”  My dad held my train for me as I crossed the mulch and gravel.  Then we linked arms and continued our walk.

Our Wedding!!! 317

Still pretty far away from Mr. Whale…  I’m looking right at him, but you can tell we haven’t really made eye contact yet.  But as I got closer and closer, we finally locked eyes.

Our Wedding!!! 319

Our Wedding!!! 320

I took Mrs. Lyre’s advice about looking only at your groom and looked right at him the whole time.  And I took that advice seriously.  I have no idea where any of the guests were sitting.  I made eye contact with absolutely none of them.   Perhaps I took the advice a little too far… I tend to do that kind of thing.  But regardless, my memories of the ceremony are all of my soon-to-be husband, which is probably how it should be 🙂

When we reached the steps, my dress was too big to fit through the space with my dad by my side.  So he went first and then helped me down.

Our Wedding!!! 321

With my eyes glued to Mr. Whale, we were both all smiles.  Don’t worry, the tears come later 🙂

Our Wedding!!! 326

By then, there were only about twenty seconds left in the song, so I picked up the pace a bit to make it down the aisle in time. (We actually thought the edited down version might still be too long.  But I just barely made it.)

I reached the end of the aisle and gave my dad a hug just as the final notes played out.

Our Wedding!!! 329

And there we were, ready to be married!!

*All photos by the super fab Brenda Upton Photography

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