I Whale Always Love You: Today and Forever

I promise I’m not trying to drag out my ceremony posts.  But truly, the ceremony was absolutely one-hundred percent the most important part of the day for us.  And it was definitely my favorite part of the day.  So bear with me as I bring you one last post about our ceremony (and a really awesome song that you don’t want to miss!).

Last time, I shared with you our vows.  With those done, I couldn’t believe that our wedding ceremony was almost over.  It seemed to fly by.   Before I knew it, Mike was handing me a ring, and I was ready to put it on Mr. Whale’s finger.

Our Wedding!!! 374

We decided on the wording of the ring exchange just two days before the ceremony.  And we also decided that we wanted to say the words ourselves, with no prompting from Mike.  Mr. Whale decided I should give him his ring first since he said his vows first.  That meant it was up to me to remember what we were supposed to say with the rings!  Luckily, I remembered.  (And luckily, I went first, because Mr. Whale told me he couldn’t quite remember until he heard me say it.) 🙂

“Matt, I give you this ring as a gift to wear with joy.  I choose you to be my husband today and forever.”

Our Wedding!!! 375

Check out his face. Priceless.

“Erin, I give you this ring as a gift to wear with joy.  I choose you to be my wife today and forever.”

Our Wedding!!! 379

No more tears for me. I’m ready for the ring!

And now, it was time for one of our favorite moments.  It was time to hear the song Mr. Whale had written for me.  We had tossed around the idea of him playing it and singing it at the ceremony, but he was certain that he wouldn’t make it through without crying.  So instead, he recorded it, and we played it over the sound system.

Take a listen.  The song is called “Enfolded”.

(See Rule Five is our band, in case you’re wondering 🙂 Eventually, I think we’ll get a full instrument version going on.  For now, it’s just Mr. Whale.)

Our Wedding!!! 383

At the conclusion of the song, Mike declared us husband and wife. And it was time for the kiss!!

Our Wedding!!! 390

As we broke apart, the first notes of Gotye’s “I Feel Better” blasted out (best recessional song ever!), and we happily headed back down the aisle!

Our Wedding!!! 391

This would be the moment right before I tripped over my dress and almost face planted in the aisle.  A guest photo captures it rather well:

Guest Photo

It was almost disaster, but I laughed it off and whispered to Mr. Whale that we had to slow down, because I couldn’t move very quickly in my monstrosity of a dress.

Our Wedding!!! 394

Our photographer yelled, “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”   So we happily obliged.

Our Wedding!!! 395

Then we decided we really liked this kissing business, so we kept doing it and got passed up by the bridesmaids on the way out.  If you look very carefully in the photo below, you can see what you might think is my foot, but it actually belongs to a bridesmaid.

Our Wedding!!! 403

And that’s our ceremony!!  It was everything we dreamed of and more.

*All photos by the fantastically incredible Brenda Upton Photography unless otherwise noted.

I Whale Always Love You: The Vows :  wedding college park pictures pro pics recap Bluewhalenohearts.jpg

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