I Whale Always Love You: So Many Hugs!

Those who know me know that I’m not really a hugger.  (This statement mostly applies to hugging people I don’t know very well.  But I’m a super awkward hugger even if I do know you.)  When I was younger, hugs just creeped me out.  What makes it okay for a person who you just met to get all up in your personal space and touch you when you barely know who they are?  I was that person who just awkwardly backed away and waved during goodbyes, a terrified look on my face as I desperately hoped that no one would try to hug me.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to, well, embrace the hug, for lack of a better word.  I enjoy a hug when it is appropriate.  And I awkwardly accept hugs from near strangers, if I must.  It turns out that getting married is an occasion for hugs.  The good news for me is that, when it’s your own wedding, you like and know the people you’re hugging!  Immediately after the ceremony, the hugs began.

Our Wedding!!! 413

Mr. Whale got an awesome hug from his groomsman, Zach.  You can tell Zach is a great hugger.  (I don’t know how to give a good hug.  I’m so awkward!)  Because he loves hugs so much, I got one too.

Our Wedding!!! 414

Then Mr. Whale got in some hugs from the bridesmaids.

Our Wedding!!! 416

Mr. Whale gives excellent hugs.  He is probably the only person with whom I have successfully mastered the hug.

Our Wedding!!! 415

MOH Leah is a good hugger too.  Look at her get in there!

I have no idea what I was doing at this point.  Later, I told this to Mr. Whale, and he was all like, “Weren’t you hugging people?? I feel like I hugged everybody!”  And I was like, “Ummmm. I hugged one or two people.  I guess I was just standing there awkwardly.”

But the photos seem to indicate that I was showing off my bling!

Our Wedding!!! 417

Why do I look terrified of my ring? Who knows.  (Also, the girls have no idea here that I’ve already switched from the real ring to my fake stand-in.  I think their faces indicate that my fake ring did the trick! They look fooled and completely convinced that those are diamonds on my hand!) 🙂

When Mr. Whale was finished hugging everyone, it was time for a few more photos.  We’ll head there next time.

Anyone else out there not a huge fan of hugs?  (I’m not alone in this, right?)

*All photos by the fantastically incredible Brenda Upton Photography unless otherwise noted.

I Whale Always Love You: Today and Forever :  wedding college park pictures pro pics recap Bluewhalenohearts.jpg

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