I Whale Always Love You: This is How We Do It!

Does anyone remember this Jackson Hewitt commercial?

Wait. We have to see both versions, because the running man in the next one is so epic.

Mr. Whale and I witnessed these commercials around Christmastime of last year, while we were deep in the throes of wedding planning.  One of our favorite things to do during wedding planning was listen to ridiculous songs and say, “What if this song was our entrance song at the reception?”  (Or sometimes, “What if this song was our first dance?”)  As soon as this commercial came on, we turned to each other. “What if this song was our entrance song at the reception??”

Oh yeah.  It’s true.  We kicked off the reception pure nineties style.  (Actually, in the end, we actually decided we wanted a different song for our entrance.  But we decided to use Montell for the wedding party.  Everyone was super jazzed.)

The bridesmaids were super pumped.  Here they are getting ready for the big moment.

Our Wedding!!! 536

Because most of the groomsmen are kind of shy, we decided not to announce everyone by name.  (We had introduced everyone at the welcome BBQ the night before instead.)  We just decided to have all the bridesmaids and groomsmen go in jamming to “This is How We Do It”.  And jam they did.

Our Wedding!!! 538

Bridesmaid Rachael and I were on the dance team together in high school.  I’m pretty sure that’s the move that got her on the team.

Our Wedding!!! 537

My brother was living it up too.

Our Wedding!!! 543

Some folks weren’t really sure what to do, but it looks like they still enjoyed themselves 🙂

Our Wedding!!! 544

The wedding party entrance really set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Our Wedding!!! 542

It was kind of like we said, “Bring out all your really bad dance moves, because they are highly encouraged tonight.”

When the wedding party was all inside and had jammed for a few extra seconds, it was time for Mr. Whale and I to make our big entrance.  We knew we would have to follow “This is How We Do It” with something equally as epic.  And what’s more epic than Van Halen?

Our Wedding!!! 545

We ran in all excited.

Our Wedding!!! 546

We did some air drums, because… c’mon, it’s Van Halen.  Then we rocked out all the way to the front.

Our Wedding!!! 548

Our dance moves are not so stellar.  But we have heart!  And that’s what counts.

Our Wedding!!! 549

We made it up to the front, and then we all realized that we didn’t have much of a plan for what to do after the entrance.  Mr. Whale had asked me to make an announcement thanking everyone for coming and letting them know that dinner would start soon.  But I panicked.  We had a moment of fierce whispering. “I don’t want to say anything. Will you do it??”  “But you said you’d do it.”  “But you’re so much better at it. I’m so nervous.”

Mr. Whale took the mic 🙂

Our Wedding!!! 550

He said some nice things and was much less nervous and much more eloquent than I would have been.  And with that, the reception was off to an awesome start.

*All photos by the super awesome Brenda Upton Photography.

I Whale Always Love You: Just the Two of Us :  wedding college park pictures pro pics recap Bluewhalenohearts.jpg

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