I Whale Always Love You: Time for Cake!

Y’all, cake cutting is weird.  What is up with that tradition?  Mr. Whale and I tried to put the cake cutting at an awkward time of the night so that people wouldn’t be obsessed with taking pictures of it like they so often are at weddings.  But alas, we were mobbed.

Our Wedding!!! 562

It’s not like I didn’t enjoy the cake cutting or anything.  I mean, I love cake.  End of story.  But… it was weird.  When we made our way over to the table, everyone got up from their dinner and followed us.  And everyone had their cameras out.  I just kept wondering… what the heck are you people going to do with a picture of two people cutting a cake??  I leaned in to Mr. Whale and whispered something along the lines of, “I really didn’t expect this to be so weird.  Why are we doing this again?”  To which he responded, “I don’t know.  I said I didn’t want to cut a cake.”

I tried to ignore all the cameras, and truthfully, I thought we did an excellent job.

Our Wedding!!! 563

Mr. Whale exclaimed, “What am I supposed to do?”  I whispered, “Put your hand on my hand. Follow my lead.”  And the cake was cut.

Our Wedding!!! 566

Look at that smirk on my face.  I was so proud of cutting that cake.  Now if only I could figure out how to put a slice on a plate…

Then it was time to feed it to each other.  Since that day, I have looked at other photos of people feeding cake to each other and realized that some people use forks.  This never crossed my mind.  I just dug in with my fingers.

Our Wedding!!! 569

Almost dropped it! Yikes! Cake can never be wasted. It would be a crime (especially with cake that good).

Our Wedding!!! 570

Okay, so the eating cake and feeding it to each other part was pretty fun.  Maybe that’s what all the hype is about.  You just have to cut the cake to get to that part… who knows.

When it was time for Mr. Whale to feed me my bite, I heard many chants of, “Smash it in her face!”  The loudest chanter was bridesmaid Kim.  (And she’s married! She should know better!)  But I’m so proud of Mr. Whale.  He gave Kim and the other chanters a death stare that said, “You will not ruin my marriage right at the beginning by making her hate me here at our wedding.”  And then he fed me a gigantic bite of cake. (I love him.)

Our Wedding!!! 573

This is the look that says, “Oh my god have I severely underestimated how much cake can fit in your mouth??”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Whale. I’ve got this.”

Our Wedding!!! 572

Then I leaned in for a mouthful-of-cake-kiss.

Our Wedding!!! 575

And the mob of guests returned to their seats.  We returned to ours armed with delicious pieces of cake and a cupcake each.  (I’m happy to say that while I didn’t eat much food at the wedding, I did manage to almost finish my cake and cupcake.  Priorities, people.)

Once we were seats, it was time for the toasts!

*All photos by the super snazzy Brenda Upton Photography.

I Whale Always Love You: Food and Drink :  wedding college park pictures pro pics recap Bluewhalenohearts.jpg

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