I Whale Always Love You: Musical Moments

In case you haven’t picked up on it already, Mr. Whale and I are musical folks.  We’re in a band together.  We go to karaoke together.  We have impromptu sing-a-longs in our apartment.  (Some popular sing-a-long hits include “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia and “Under the Bridge” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  We’re cool like that.)  Basically, we just really like making music.

And the same is true for a lot of our friends.  So during the course of wedding planning, Mr. Whale suggested that we have a few friends play some music for us at our wedding.  Sort of like a toast, but a little different.  He tossed out the idea to his groomsmen, and two of them ended up performing for us.

After the cake was cut and we made our way back to our seats, Alvin took the stage to play first.  He introduced the song by saying it was something he wrote for his girlfriend (awww) but that he thought it would be appropriate for us too 🙂

Our Wedding!!! 590

The song is really good, and he did a fabulous job performing it.  In fact, every time I listen to it, it’s stuck in my head for days.  Listen at your own risk 🙂

After Alvin came Zach.  Zach said a few introductory words, and then made us all go, “Awwww” when he said (with such sincerity), “I’m totally honored to be a part of your wedding, and I’ve never been more moved at a wedding in my life.” And then as an afterthought, he continued, “Sorry to everybody else here if I’ve been to your wedding…” (Awkward turtle.)

Our Wedding!!! 592

That got some serious laughs.  You can see him in action in the video.

He played a song that I just love – “Let us be naked” by Eef Barzelay.  It’s a mesmerizing song, and it sounds so good in Zach’s voice.

Here’s a sample of the lyrics:

Life’s the most tender illusion
Close your eyes and you’ll see
Nothing is real since you’ve kissed me
afloating away we shall be

Flawless performances from both guys.  I feel so lucky to have all these talented people in my life.

I think it was also one of Mr. Whale’s favorite parts of the night.  Mr. Whale didn’t have a ton of wedding requests. (The main ones were, “We better not have crappy candy at the candy buffet,” and, “The groomsmen have to have liquor.”)  So it was nice when we got to a part of the wedding that he suggested.  All those little things made it our wedding instead of just my wedding or his wedding.

What did you do to make your wedding your own?

*All photos by the awesomely awesome Brenda Upton Photography. All videos by the super fantastic Hammond Studios (and chopped unartistically into clips by me).

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