I Whale Always Love You: Wise Words from Dad

This post is simultaneously one of my favorite posts and one of my sadder ones.  My dad’s toast was so good.  I didn’t see it coming.  I didn’t know he had it in him.  It was just perfect.

Unfortunately, we found out later that our videographer’s camera froze right at the beginning of the toast, so he wasn’t able to capture most of it.  (I have no hard feelings toward our videographer about this.  He was very apologetic.  I know it wasn’t his fault at all.)  But I have no idea what my dad said. (Bride brain. Everything goes in one ear and out the other.)  I remember thinking that it was wonderful.  I was so excited to watch it again when we got our video.  But… sad times.  Things happen.

Our Wedding!!! 579

Luckily, I do have some of the toast captured on video.

The beginning is what I really don’t remember.  But at some point, my dad brought up the many degrees and titles that Mr. Whale and I have. (Between us we have 4 bachelor’s degree, two master’s degree, and two PhD’s…)  I had actually just graduated from my PhD program the Sunday before the wedding, so all of this was fresh on our minds.  My dad mentioned how proud he was of our accomplishments.  And then came the really good stuff.

Our Wedding!!! 580

“As Gail and I were talking about today, the thing we observed is that today they achieved a new title. It’s a different title.  It’s the title of Mr. and Mrs.  And it’s different in a special way.  It’s not an individual title. It’s a joint title.  One part of the title means nothing without the other part.  And while they’ve worked very hard to earn their other titles, this is a title that they’ll have to work very hard every day for the rest of their lives to earn.

So, I know they’re up to the task.  I know they’re looking forward to it.  And I’m excited to see that.  And we’ll always be there to help them, as will many of you.  So thanks again for coming and attending. We wish them all the best and all the success.  And we look forward to continuing to experience their life with them.

And so with that, I’d like to propose a toast.

Our Wedding!!! 586

To many long and happy years and experiences with Matt and Erin!

Hip, hip! Hooray!

Hip, hip! Hooray!

Hip, hip! Hooray!”

Our Wedding!!! 587

Dads are so wise sometimes.  I know I’m partial, because he’s my dad.  But I think that might be the best toast ever.

Did your wedding guests offer you any especially wise words?

*All photos by the awesomely awesome Brenda Upton Photography.

I Whale Always Love You: Musical Moments :  wedding college park pictures pro pics recap Bluewhalenohearts.jpg

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