I Whale Always Love You: Don’t Worry, I’ll Catch You

As Mr. Whale and I made our way off the stage after performing “The Luckiest”, I made my way back to my seat.  But I didn’t get too far before I heard a loud whisper, “Erin! Erin! Where are you going? We’re doing our first dance!”

I almost forgot our first dance!!  Am I a blonde or what?  The music was already starting as Mr. Whale pulled me back toward him.

Our Wedding!!! 622

This is my “Can you believe I almost forgot our first dance?” giggle.

Mr. Whale and I spent forever trying to pick a first dance song.  Oddly enough, Mr. Whale was very concerned with whether the song had an “appropriately danceable” tempo.  He actually kind of wanted to learn to waltz so that we could dance for real.  (Why did I not take full advantage of this opportunity??)  Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any waltzes that were slow enough that we didn’t look ridiculous and so that Mr. Whale wouldn’t be stepping all over my dress.

In the end, I told Mr. Whale that my dress probably wasn’t going to lend itself to much fancy footwork, and we should probably just do some swaying.

Our Wedding!!! 629

After much deliberation, we decided on “I’ll Catch You” by The Get Up Kids.  Mr. Whale, as you might recall, is a bit of a punk kid, so he’s always loved the song.  I associate it with a lot of memories that involve Mr. Whale.  I wouldn’t call it “our song”, but it’s very “us”.

(Oddly enough, I think we do have “a song”, and it’s “Falling Slowly” from Once.  Somehow it never made an appearance at the wedding.  Isn’t that strange?)

Here are some of the lyrics from The Get Up Kids song:

your arms in mine, anytime
i wouldn’t trade anything
you’re still my everything
to my surprise, before my eyes, you arrive
don’t worry I’ll catch you
don’t ever worry

Perfect, no?

Our Wedding!!! 623

I had heard from the wise words of the internet that one might feel as though their first dance is dragging on.  Since our song was over four minutes long, I had a little bit of worry that this might happen to us.  But I’m happy to report that I never felt awkward at all.  Mr. Whale was singing to me for most of the song.

Our Wedding!!! 626

And when we weren’t singing, we were smooching.

Our Wedding!!! 632

I mostly just tried to relax and enjoy the moment.

Our Wedding!!! 630

Both of us tuned out the rest of the crowd, and for those four minutes, it was just us, enjoying the beginning of our time as husband and wife.

Our Wedding!!! 633

Before I knew it, the song was coming to a close.  Mr. Whale surprised me by bringing me in for a dip.  I, of course, lost my balance, and we ended up looking ridiculous.

Our Wedding!!! 634

But I managed to right myself and steal one last kiss.

Our Wedding!!! 637

Then it was time to PARTAY!

*All photos by the totally terrific Brenda Upton Photography.

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