The Wedding Photos I Didn’t Know I Needed

Alright.  I know you have a list of photos to be taken at your wedding.  I had a list as well.  But I’m here to tell you that after the wedding, I realized that there were some photos that I didn’t know I wanted until after the wedding!  Luckily, our photographer managed to capture some of these without my request.  (And several of them are some of my favorite photos.)

But there are some photos I should have requested.  So to keep you from making my mistakes, I’ve compiled a list of the photos that I didn’t know that I needed until after the wedding.  And I’ve given you a little inspiration and reality to go with it.

  • The Bride with Each Bridesmaid: This one makes me so sad.  I can actually remember the moment my photographer asked me, “Do you want to take photos with each bridesmaid now?” And I said, “We can do it later.” Well, later never came, and now I’m really bummed that those photos didn’t happen.


Image from Tie the Knot

Reality: No photo for me 😦

  • The Bride’s Face as She Walks Down the Aisle: The obsession nowadays is to capture the look on the groom’s face.  But let’s not forget that your groom might want to look at pictures one day too!  Hopefully your photographer can capture both.


Bride seeing the groom as she's walking down the aisle

Photo by Kristen Booth


Our Wedding!!! 320

  • Guests at the Ceremony: If you’re like me, you might forget that other people exist during your ceremony.  I literally did not look at anyone other than Mr. Whale during our ceremony.  I wish I had a few good pictures of the guests.


Sean Parker's Wedding Photos by Christian Oth

Sean Parker’s Wedding Photos by Christian Oth

Reality: I think this is the only one I have where you can see some guests.

Our Wedding!!! 353

  • The Bride and Groom with Both Sets of Parents: Somehow I missed that this was a thing.  I went into the wedding not caring at all about the formal family photos.  (I wanted family photos, but I wanted them to be candid.)  So I guess I didn’t put much thought into it.  But now we have photos of us with Mr. Whale’s parents and us with my parents.  I wish we had one photo we could put up that has all the parents in it.

Inspiration: (I felt weird borrowing a photo of some random couple’s family, so let’s look at Mrs. Otter again.  Can you tell I enjoyed looking at all of her photos?) 🙂

Otterly in Love: Two Families, Lots of Faces :  wedding indianapolis pictures pro pics recap Melissa037 Melissa037

So much love in Mrs. Otter’s family photos | Photo by Stacey Able

Reality: 😦

  • Candid Parent Shots: I didn’t really plan for parent shots, and that was a mistake. I’m so glad our photographer knew to get some.


Photo by Slava-Slavik


Our Wedding!!! 224

Our Wedding!!! 187

  • Fake Dancing: I’m not talking about dancing at your reception.  I’m talking about dancing when you’re out in the middle of the trees or on a city street.  Dance like no one is watching, you guys!  Be carefree. (I guess planning to be carefree kind of defeats the purpose… Do it anyway.)


beautiful! Brenda Upton Photography

Photo by Brenda Upton


Our Wedding!!! 477

  • The Dip: The dip screams romance.  But if you do it wrong, it screams awkward.  So practice the dip.  And then request that move.  Because if you get it right, it’s incredible.


Found on Weddingbee


Our Wedding!!! 517

  • Guests at the Reception: When I was looking through other couples’ wedding photos, I didn’t care too much about the reception photos.  But that’s probably because I didn’t know those people!  I absolutely love seeing photos of all of our guests.  And I had no idea that I would feel this way.


Photo by Todd Laffler

Who are these people and why were they not at my wedding? | Photo by Todd Laffler


Our Wedding!!! 694

  • Group Shot of All the Guests: Okay, seriously, this would take some work.  But I wanted this photo, and Mr. Whale didn’t, so we scrapped it.  But I wish we’d done it…


Photo by Jeff Newsom

Reality: We don’t have this one.  Boo.

  • The Jump: I urge you to reconsider your position on this one.  Mr. Whale and I love to pull up our jumping pictures and zoom in on everyone’s ridiculous faces.  It’s 100% cheesy, and I thought it would be stupid, but it ended up being one of my favorite photos.


Image from the Wedding Party App


Our Wedding!!! 458-jump-crop

And there you have it.  All those photos I overlooked but ended up loving.  If any of these are on your list of “photos you don’t care about having”, I suggest you reconsider.

What photos do you wish you had from your wedding?


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