Who are we???

Aren’t we cute?

I love bright colors, glitter, sugar, cheese, talking in silly accents, dancing, and all things music.  I love to plan things, but the actual execution of planned events makes me pretty nervous.  I think of myself as an introvert, but I’ve been known to get pretty loud at times 🙂

My fiance and I met while in graduate school.  He’s definitely an extrovert, which complements my personality beautifully.  And, unlike me, he is terrible at planning, so I’m teaching him how to plan ahead.  (He’s teaching me to be more open with my emotions.)  We both love outdoor barbeques, cheese (who doesn’t love cheese?), star-gazing, New Girl (I secretly, or not so secretly, wish that I could be the third sister of Zooey and Emily Deschanel), laughing, making up nonsense words, and music.  We love music so much that we’re in a band together!!  I’m on keys (I love saying that.  It’s so much cooler than piano.).  He’s on vocals and guitar usually, but he also makes appearances on bass or drums (it’s safe to say that he’s fairly multi-talented).  We are both pursuing our career dreams via school while we live far away from our families.  And in the midst of all of life’s craziness, we’re planning a big colorful wedding!!

Having fun in the photobooth at a friend’s wedding!


One thought on “Me+Him

  1. You two are the cutest couple ive ever seen in my life!!! I cant believe I just stumbled upon your beautiful blog… Best wishes to you and your hot hubby

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